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Our Impact

A Real Success

At the Ukrainian Cultural Association in the UK, we are committed to use our platform and events to support various charitable causes in Ukraine and in the UK.

We ensure that donations from our concerts, events and memberships directly reach and positively impact those who are less fortunate, and are in need of our help and support.

Your generous donations have directly supported humanitarian efforts that have given people in need a better life.

Since its founding in Autumn 2020, UCA - UK events have raised over £20,000 

Supporters and members of our organisation, and attendees to our events have so far: 

  • Provided welfare for vulnerable and orphaned children in Ukraine, developing their quality of life and giving them access to further education.

  • Bettered the lives of Ukrainian heroes and victims of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, through humanitarian and medical aid.

Below you can see some first hand pictures and success stories from how your donations have had a direct impact on the lives of those more vulnerable than ourselves. 

We speak on behalf of those  in need when we say thank you for your support and generous donations, and thank you for saving and changing lives of countless Ukrainians.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Since Russia’s aggressive and genocidal invasion of Ukraine, UCA-UK has been working tirelessly to fundraise for humanitarian aid through our concerts, donations and events. 

We have raised thousands of pounds to buy vital equipment to help the heroes of Ukraine, and the innocent civilians who are senselessly injured in Russia’s terror attacks. We have raised over £14,000, and some of our contributions so far include:

  • £8,000 of medical equipment for a children’s hospital in Lviv, and two hospitals in Kyiv

  • £1,000 towards buying ambulances for regional hospitals

  • £1,000 for the Ukrainian Monastery in Lviv for Ukrainian’s that have lost their homes and livelihoods

  • Over £4,000 general humanitarian aid supporting individuals and families

None of this would have been possible without our friends, members, sponsors, partners and donors. We are truly grateful for the support we have received from each and every person and organisation, including the Incorporated Society of Musicians, the Federation of International Women's Associations in London, Esher Parish Council, and many more.

Please click through the images below to see how our donations have impacted the people of Ukraine.

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National Pride

Children of War

As part of UCA-UK's efforts to provide aid to the innocent affected by Russia's act of terror, we have been working with local Ukrainian artist Svitlana Konoshchuk to help the mental well-being of children caught in the invasion.

Svitlana teaches art on Zoom to children affected by the invasion from all parts of Ukraine. Art helps to get the children's minds off the fear and atrocities of war, and offers a therapeutic release and a window to what their normal life was like before the invasion.

We're proud to say that our UCA-UK donations have formed half of her fundraising to deliver tools for creating art - paper, pencils, paint and other materials - to more than 100 children all over Ukraine. You can find some of their pieces of art and photos below.

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The Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate

We work alongside The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, a religious congregation of women in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Together we provide aid for vulnerable children in Ukraine.

We work directly with Sister Iryna and Sister Superior, Myroslava Yahumetz, who has sent her personal thanks to the UCA - UK and our community:

"I would like to express you all a sincere gratitude for your kind donations.
Because of your generosity, our Sisters have had the chance to help a number of needy and vulnerable children.
Our Sisters were able to buy them food, winter clothing, boots, and medicine. Also some of this money covered their electricity and gas bills, keeping them warm through the cold winter."

Click through our photos below to see and read the individual people we have helped through our fundraising.

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