Our Impact

WE are UCA - UK

At the Ukrainian Cultural Association in the UK, we are committed to use our platform and events to support various charitable causes in Ukraine and in the UK.

We ensure that donations from our concerts, events and memberships directly reach and positively impact those who are less fortunate, and are in need of our help and support.

Your generous donations have directly supported humanitarian efforts that have given people in need a better life.

Since its founding in Autumn 2020, UCA - UK events have raised over £2000. 

Supporters of our organisation, and attendees to our events have so far: 

  • Provided welfare for vulnerable and orphaned children in Ukraine, developing their quality of life and giving them access to further education.

  • Contributed to the UCA - UK Educational Fund, which helps give Ukrainian children the opportunity for a brighter future.

Below you can see some first hand pictures and success stories from how your donations have had a direct impact on the lives of those more vulnerable than ourselves. 

We speak on behalf of the vulnerable in need when we say thank you for your support and generous donations, and thank you for saving and changing lives.


The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

We work alongside The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, a religious congregation of women in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Together we provide aid for vulnerable children in Ukraine.

We work directly with Sister Iryna and Sister Superior, Myroslava Yahumetz, who has sent her personal thanks to the UCA - UK and our community:

"I would like to express you all a sincere gratitude for your kind donations.

Because of your generosity, our Sisters have had the chance to help a number of needy and vulnerable children.

Our Sisters were able to buy them food, winter clothing, boots, and medicine. Also some of this money covered their electricity and gas bills, keeping them warm through the cold winter."


Sophia, 7 

Helena, 12 

Solomiya, 14

Three years ago, Sophia, Helena and Solomiya's father fell ill with a stroke, leading to him becoming completely paralysed.

Their mother not only raises her three daughters, but also cares full-time for their seriously ill father. Additionally, she also takes care of her disabled brother who cannot walk. 

Their mother does all she can for her daughters and family, but they have been in very hard times and often do not have enough resources or money for the most essential things to survive. 

The UCA - UK raised money to provide these beautiful and bright girls with new clothing and school bags and stationary to help them through their education.

Petro, 14

In 2015, Petro’s father was one of 267 victims who was killed in the Battle of Debaltseve, defending Ukraine.

Petro now lives with his younger sister and mother, who has a severe leg injury and is heavily disabled. She currently makes a living by working in Lviv as a hairdresser, but due to an ongoing injury, she can't stand for a long time. She works hard to provide her family with everything they need to survive.

The UCA - UK raised money to buy Petro and his sister huge food bags, ensuring that they will have the most basic survival essentials.

Ilya, 12 and Nadiya

In 2019, Ilya and Nadiya's mother died of a stroke. The children now live with their father and his parents (their grandparents). 

Unfortunately, both their father and grandfather abuse alcohol, creating a very unpleasant environment for these wonderful children. Poverty and wellbeing is a struggle with this family, and they need help with basic essentials; food and clothes.

The UCA - UK raised money to provide these two angels with new clothes and shoes to help them feel protected and warm.

Andrei, 16

Andrei lives with his mother and older sister. His father died in a car accident, and as a result of this tragedy his mother suffers from depression and is often very ill. 

Andrei and his sister run the household together, taking care of themselves and their mother.

In his spare time, Andrei loves the church and tries to come to the Liturgy every day.

The UCA - UK raised money to buy Andrei a food hamper, and a selection of clothes including sturdy boots and gloves to keep him warm through Ukraine’s harsh winters.

Ana and Maxim, 11

Ana and Maxim's father died tragically in 2019. The family was hit with shock, and their mother was left alone to raise her children. She really suffered from losing her husband, and has found it incredibly difficult to cope day to day.

She works as a teacher in a small village and has a very low salary. Often there are not enough funds to feed children, to buy them clothes or shoes.

The UCA - UK raised money to provide food bags and clothes for the whole family!

Maria, 11

Maria lives with her mother and two older brothers. Sadly, her father died tragically at work in 2021.

Maria's mother works at the Lviv Psychiatric Hospital and raises her children herself. Often there is not enough funds to cover the most basic life necessities - clothes, shoes, food.

The UCA - UK managed to provide Maria and her brothers with large food bags, games and warm clothes - Maria’s radiating smile from receiving these items speaks a thousand words.

Mrs Maria

Mrs. Maria has gone through a number of tragedies. After the death of her son and husband, she was left alone. Mrs Maria can only afford to live in a near uninhabitable basement, which is cold, dark and isolating. She needs the most basic life necessities to survive, food, medicine, warm clothes, which UCA-UK provided, with thanks to the donations from UCA-UK event goers.

Голяк Ірина.jpg

Mrs Helena

Mrs. Helena is a single woman who has never been married. She lives in a small village and has a number of health issues, including a foot disease which limits her mobility. She sadly suffered a near death experience this winter; she fell outside in the snow, could not get up, and lay in the cold for several hours, almost freezing. Luckily she was noticed missing, and found by her neighbours. The UCA-UK has provided her food and medicine to improve her health and build up her strength.

Гупало Марія.jpg

Mrs Irina

Mrs. Irina is a single woman with no children. She is helped by a neighbor who gets her food and medicine when they can. She has a painful disability, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years and can hardly walk. The UCA-UK has provided food and medicine to help her condition, easing her pain, and bringing her smile back.

Цап Стефа.jpg


Stepha’s mother died on December 24, 2020 from cancer. She lives with her father, and helps care for him, as he is also in ill health. This small family often does not have enough money for the basic essentials. The UCA-UK have made a difference in their lives by providing survival hampers containing clothes, food and medicine for the family.

ANNA Maria Burko copy.jpg


Oxanna’s father sadly passed away, and her mother is currently battling cancer. Oxanna is such a strong little girl, who tries to be as independent as she can, caring for her mother, but also caring for her disabled brother. She is truly inspiring, and a testament to her family loyalty - the UCA-UK were able to support her by providing her and her family clothes, shoes, food and medicine.

Veronika Ukranitz copy.jpg